Throw away your boring ice cubes!

The new way to cool your beverage is here! Simply the most intriguing ice cube mold that will make you the envy of your friends. Spice up and drink in style! Our customers are done with plain ice cubes, you should be too.

DineAsia 3D Skull Ice Tray makes realistic skull-shaped ice cubes. It makes four 2"X2.36" skull ice cubes at a time and one ice cube fills the entire whisky glass. 

Make your drinks look awesome and keep'em cool longer

Great for House Parties, Bars, Restaurants, Beaches, Holiday Events and Holiday Gifts. Long-lasting ice cubes for Whiskey, Cocktail, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Fruit Juice, Punch, Soda Pop and Water.

Also Good for Chocolate, Soap, Candy Making, Figure Model Making as well as Baking.

Invented by DineAsia

The 3D Skull Ice Tray is invented by DineAsia. Currently Patent Pending in US and patent granted in EU. We are a small California-based company that develops creative, unique and fun novelty kitchen items.

Be wary of counterfeits and cheap knockoffs! Only products labeled as "Manufactured by DineAsia" are guaranteed genuine.

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Why You Should Choose DineAsia 3D Skull Ice Tray:

  • Creative Design

    We have invested a huge amount of time and effort on 3D skull modeling because our No.1 goal was to create World's first ice cube molds which could make realistic skull-looking ice cubes. Finally, we brought them.

  • Adding Fun To Special Day

    Surprise your guests by adding iced skulls in their drinks! The 3D Skull Ice Tray can be used to make not only ice cubes but chocolates, candies and even soaps. It is a must-have gadget for house parties!

  • Safety Tested

    Made of FDA approved, BPA Free, Non-toxic, Food grade silicone that is commonly used to manufacture kitchen items, tableware, even infant feeding bottles in modern days therefore they are safe.

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  • These things are SO cool!!

    It's amazing! They turn out pretty well, your water quality probably decides how clear they are but worked better with filtered water for detail. It is easy to use and lots of conversation about them. I'm done with regular ice cubes.. you should be too..💀

  • No pun intended

    Couldn't be happier! Who doesn't want skull cubes when you show up to a party? I keep my freezer stocked with these little beauties now! Use it for Jello shots, flavored cubes to put in vodka. I like to add a little red food coloring so they stand out in a glass.

  • Great novelty gift

    I bought these for my hubby. He loves them and uses them every day! They are also really fun at parties. I can't wait to see my brunch guests' reaction! 😊💀. I think these will be a new favorite gift for friends. Delivery was fast and well packaged. 

  • Love'em!

    I was looking for a large ice cube tray for adding ice to Sazerac’s and Negroni’s. I didn’t want basic, square cubes. I wanted something kinda fun and a little something to bring a smile to the face of the person sipping the drink. These fit the bill perfectly. They make four cubes at a time and the skulls are great! 

  • Greast product, easy to use and FUN!

    I bought this as a fun gift for my daughter. She loves them. The skull cubes are large enough to use in glasses for drinks and they look great. These will be fun for Halloween parties! Remember, like using any molds, this takes practice to make the perfect set of skull cubes!

  • The only bad thing about them is....?

    These cubes are awesome! The only bad thing about them is they make me want to drink more. Great quality product and very easy to use. Company is very friendly and helpful if you have trouble with making your ice cubes.