DineAsia Multicolored Reusable Stone Age Wooden Chopsticks & Leaf Shape Rests Complete Gift Set

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These classic style natural shape wooden chopsticks and leaf shape chopstick rests are great for everyday home use as well as gift item for any purposes. The chopsticks are made of boxwood, chestnut wood, ebonywood, and either ironwood or padauk wood and the chopstick rests are made of Chinese cherrywood. All of them were varnished with natural lacquer from lacquer tree. Set of four comes in an elegant black gift box with golden strings to keep them stick to the cardboard card. The gift box is made of premium quality sturdy paper carton. The label on the front is Japanese style water-themed illustration and the whole concept for this gift set is ancient Asian relic as they are the kinds of chopsticks which Asian ancient people might have made and used in their time. If you want to own unique chopsticks, these should be a good choice.


  • Material: Hardwood
  • Length of Chopsticks: 9 inches
  • Color: Multi Color
  • Package: 4 pairs in one set
  • Size of Package: 9.5"x6.25"x1.20" (L*W*T)
  • Weight of Package: 7.4 oz.